In every day’s hustle and bustle we look to get everything done in a quick & short manner.


We always wish to accomplish more but are only able to allocate lesser time always. We have entered a capsule life where we are only happy if things come easy and in smaller packages.


From 2 minute noodles to seeking quicker travels to keeping pocket snacks with ourselves to avoid long time spent on lunch, we like to do everything quicker. We even try to shorten contact with people to save time.


We avoid exercising thinking that it will consume more of our time. What if exercise could be done in a quicker way. What if there was an exercise which could involve all of your muscles and provide all over fitness.


The Planks exercise is one of the best balanced core workouts which strengthens our core and also provides a good balance to our body physique. Planks exercise is a blessing to everyone who want to stay fit but are afraid to spend a lot of time. This exercise can easily be completed in 2 minutes. The duration and the repetitions can be gradually increased as you become comfortable.


How to perform the Planks exercise?


The planks exercise is performed on push up position. Instead of keeping your palm on the ground, keep your forearm. Your body should form a straight line from the head to the toe. This type of plank is called the Normal Plank.

Plank exercise

Plank exercise

Straight Arm Plank

Straight arm plank

Straight arm plank

In the straight arm plank instead of keeping your forearm down, keep your palm down.


Note: If you find the plank exercises difficult you can start off by keeping your knees on the ground. Also, try to gradually increase your plan duration and then increase the number of repeats.


Benefits of Planks:

  • Planks help in a better balance of muscles by recruiting all major core muscle groups.
  • It burns more calories.
  • Improves Body’s Posture.
  • Improves Body’s Flexibility.

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