Oleev Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a miracle of taste and a blessing of health.


Checks Cholesterol

Oleev EVO boosts heart health by keeping a lid on cholesterol levels. Nutrients such as Vitamin E help balance HDL (‘good’) and LDL (‘bad’) cholesterol. Higher levels of LDL cholesterol are associated with the development of atherosclerosis which increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.


Leads to a Healthy Heart

Oleev EVO has Hydroxytyrosol, a phenolic compound that helps protect the cells that line our blood vessels from the damage by overly reactive oxygen molecules. This antioxidant property of the oil helps maintain a healthy heart.


Lowers the Risk of Cancer

Antioxidants like Tyrosols, Flavones, Secoiridoids and Lignans in Oleev EVO help fight cancers. Oleev EVO lowers the risk of colon, prostate and breast cancer.


For Skin Care

Oleev EVO has Squalene, a compound that protects and softens the skin, and helps regenerate skin cells. It also offers great antioxidant protection against complex skin conditions like acne and eczema. To learn more about the health benefits of Oleev Olive Oil.