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Soak yourself in the fertile crescent of olive oil
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Oleev Active Oil

Unique blend of Oleev Olive Oil and Rice Bran Oil. It has an EnergoculesTM formula that will ensure you stay active and energized throughout the day.


Oleev Pomace Oil

High quality refined olive oil with the goodness of Vitamin E and Vitamin K. It has a neutral flavour and is the perfect choice for all types of cooking.


Extra Light Oleev Oil

Nature's storehouse of nutrients that boosts immunity and enhances energy levels. It is a healthy alternative to other regular edible oils.


Extra Virgin Oleev Oil

Nature's finest extract from the olive fruit. One of the most health-promising oils, it is considered a blessing full of health and taste.

Goodness of Everyday Cooking with Oleev Active!

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    As Indians we sure love our Mom’s food. Seriously – who can cook better than her? But, on Mother’s Day, you want your mom to relax instead of spending her special day in the kitchen, right? So, how about you take up the reins today and cook something special and healthy this Mother’s Day. Wait. 

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    5 benefits of Olive Oil for Healthy cooking

    When it comes to cooking with the correct oil, Olive Oil has reserved a special place in India’s kitchens. It’s treasured and used for everyday cooking. Why is olive oil so special? Why does it stand out from other cooking oils? The most obvious answer is that olive oil is probably the healthiest oil available 

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