A Hearty Tale

Your heart is just like any other muscle in the body. It requires constant blood flow for oxygen and nutrients. This flow comes from the arteries that run through our body. To ensure a smooth blood flow to the heart, arteries should be clean and wide enough. Healthy arteries lead to a healthy heart.


Over the time, fatty substances like cholesterol collect along the inner lining of the arteries, narrowing them down and forming hard structures called plaque.

Because of plaque, arteries become less flexible and the blood flow becomes slower or can even stop, leading to a heart attack. This is known as atherosclerosis. It is even worst when some of this plaque breaks off in the form of a blood clot and flows till the heart, blocking all blood movement there.


A lot of factors contribute to the plaque formation like physical inactivity, blood pressure and tobacco smoke , but the major factor is cholesterol. Cholesterol up to a limit is good for our body and is required for its day to day functioning. There are two major types of cholesterol- LDL (Low Density) and HDL (High Density). LDL gets deposited on the arteries walls whereas HDL does not stick to the walls. HDL even removes the settled LDL from the arteries walls.

Oleev for a healthy heart

Studies have shown that olive oil decreases the level of LDL and gives a balanced diet enriched with HDL, thus slowing down the process of atherosclerosis. Over the years studies have proven that people who follow Mediterranean diet full of olive oil are at a lower risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Now you can make the right choice by choosing Oleev Olive Oil for a healthy heart. Now you can go beyond the ordinary and live your life to the fullest.