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A delicious way to kickstart healthy eating
straight from Oleev Kitchen

Rich in Protein
Source of Fibre

Untouched by hand

Cooking Time: 7 to 9 Minutes

100% Vegan

0% Maida

Kandla Image

Enjoy our healthy custom-made recipe by Chef Kandla

Recommended by Chef Kandla
(MasterChef Season 1 Finalist)

Step 1:
Boil Oleev Kitchen Pasta in salted water, then drain when tender. Drizzle with a little Oleev Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Step 2:
Saute onions in oil, add garlic & tomatoes. Also add a cup of water. Cook till tender.

Step 3:
Add 1/2 tsp oregano, salt & pepper to taste and a pinch of sugar.

Step 4:
Simmer till thich, add spinach and cook briefly.

Step 5:
Toss the cooked pasta in the ready sauce, heat through and serve, top it with grated cheese and garnish to finish.

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