Traditionally made Peanut Butter
straight from Oleev Kitchen

26 gm protein per 100 gm serving

Source of Calcium

Source of Potassium and Good Fats

No Artificial Flavour & Preservatives

100% Vegan

Great Taste and Ultra-smooth Texture

Kandla Image

Enjoy our healthy custom-made recipe by Chef Kandla

Recommended by Chef Kandla
(MasterChef Season 1 Finalist)

Step 1:
Spread Oleev Kitchen Peanut Butter on two slices of bread.

Step 2:
Sprinkle Pipo Peri Peri chilli seasoning on one slide, then top with crunchy lettuce and cheese.

Step 3:
Put a second slice over it and press gently.

Step 4:
Heat a pan and toast the sandwich until golden brown (both sides).

Step 5:
Transfer to a platter, cut into two and serve hot.

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