Choose a healthier life with Oleev Pomace Oil.

Protection from Infections

Vitamin E in Oleev Pomace Oil improves body’s defense mechanism against carcinogens, atherosclerosis, liver disorders and inflammations. It shields the body from infections and helps healing tissues; both internal and external. Due to its composition, the oil has unrivaled value making it the perfect oil for all ages.

Faster Healing and Stronger Bones

Oleev Pomace Oil has a large quantity of Vitamin K that aids faster healing. It sustains normal levels of blood clotting proteins in our body and improves bone density and strength. It helps us digest and absorb our meals easily.

Lower Blood Pressure

MUFA in Oleev Pomace is the healthiest type of fat that promotes heart health and helps prevent a host of ailments such as high blood pressure, cholesterol etc. With more variety on the platter, Oleev Pomace is looked at as the panacea to all health problems, without compromising on taste.