About Us

Welcome to our world of the extraordinary

Welcome to the world of Oleev, where you embark on a journey that takes you beyond the ordinary. At Oleev, our products don’t just fulfill your needs, but help you answer the one question that you’ve always asked yourself, “Can I Go Beyond?” And the answer, with Oleev, is “Yes, You Can!”

As our customers and partners, you can ‘Go Beyond’ with Oleev Extra Virgin , Oleev Extra Light , Oleev Pomace and Oleev Active as a part of your life. Each of the four variants has been optimized to exhilarate your palate with an underlying promise of delivering nutrition that is real.

As you start cooking your favourite food in Oleev, you will initiate a lifestyle that is truly world class. Today, while heart care is important, we understand that you need something that lets you go beyond and focus on overall health and nutrition. With Oleev, we aim to provide you with cooking oils that help you get more out of life, whilst preventing lifestyle diseases.

While going beyond in delivering health to you, Oleev also opens up a whole new world of exquisite taste and limitless cooking possibilities.

I invite you to join us in the world of Oleev and experience going beyond the ordinary, first hand.

- Akshay Modi, Director