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Oleev Olive Oils are made from select olives chosen with care. Each farmer’s produce is well-monitored by experts throughout the season to check for the quality of the olive fruit. Oleev Olive Oils are graded by a panel of 24 expert olive oil tasters. Packaged with fully automated machines to ensure cleanliness and good hygiene throughout the process, the bottles are protected with a plastic film or corrugated cardboard boxes for safe transport.


Washing & Milling

Oil Extraction

Oleev Extra Light


  1. Oleev Extra Virgin Oil– with acidity less than 0.8%
  2. Virgin oil– with acidity between 0.8-2.0%
  3. Oridnary oil– with acidity between 2.0-3.3%
  4. Lampante Oil– with acidity more than 3.3%

Oil Packing