New Year Resolution.

It’s that part of the year when we start forgiving ourselves for the mistakes & setbacks that happened to us in the past and think of new beginnings. We promise ourselves that we will turn into a new self. We draw inspiration from people who were able to successfully implement their New Year Resolutions and […]

All you need to Know about: FAT

In our daily diet, we consume various types of nutrients. Nutrients are the sources of energy which help our body in functioning. Nutrients on the basis of their requirement in our diet are divided into two categories: Macro Nutrients: These are the nutrients which are required by the body in large quantities, eg Proteins, Fats […]

Choosing a Healthy Lifestyle

Nowadays who doesn’t want a healthy lifestyle? Are all your attempts at keeping fit failing? Whenever we wish to change our lifestyle and adopt a healthier one in search of fitness we 1st think of workouts. We thus spend the 1st day exercising. We then think of twitching our diet and we start missing meals, dropping food […]

Olive Oil in India

Olive Oil is one of the most used oils in the Mediterranean. Due to its taste and nutritional aspects, olive oil has now become an essential ingredient. Because it is rich in vitamins and essential fats and because it is suited to all palates and dishes thanks to the immense number of varieties that are […]

5 benefits of Olive Oil for Healthy cooking

When it comes to cooking with the correct oil, Olive Oil has reserved a special place in India’s kitchens. It’s treasured and used for everyday cooking. Why is olive oil so special? Why does it stand out from other cooking oils? The most obvious answer is that olive oil is probably the healthiest oil available […]

Difference between Vegetable Oil and Olive Oil

With all the amazing benefits of olive oil, you may be wondering – How much of Olive Oil should you use in the kitchen? And is it better than vegetable oil? The secret to cooking any dish is using the right ingredients. This very same concept holds true when it comes to using vegetable oil […]

5 Foods to Reduce High Blood Pressure/Hypertension

A recent preventive health programme conducted by the Union Health Ministry discovered that 1 in every 8 Indians suffers from hypertension. What’s more worrying? Experts say that 50% of people suffering from High Blood Pressure aren’t even aware of their condition. It significantly increases the chances of heart diseases, it can cause a stroke and […]

Olive oil cooking – Eat healthy. Live an active life!

If you’re looking for just one oil to use in the kitchen, you couldn’t do better than olive oil; olive oil benefits your body, your brain, and your recipes, too. It’s definitely apt to call it liquid gold. It was once considered so beneficial and miraculous that some thought it to be partially responsible for […]

Olive Oil. Gets A+ marks in the kitchen!

Cook stories and great food with Olive Oil Your kids are the most important to you. And as a mom, you always go an extra mile to make sure you give your kids the best of everything. And especially when it comes to food. You want them to eat healthy. Which is why you also want […]

The 5 types of olive oils that can change your life!

Rich, beautiful, and fragrant, olive oil is much like wine — taste is a matter of personal preference. There are many variables that go into the production of olive oil can yield dramatic differences in colour, aroma, and flavour. Those factors are: Variety of olive used Location and soil conditions where the olives were grown […]