Choosing a Healthy Lifestyle

Nowadays who doesn’t want a healthy lifestyle?

Are all your attempts at keeping fit failing?

Whenever we wish to change our lifestyle and adopt a healthier one in search of fitness we 1st think of workouts. We thus spend the 1st day exercising.

We then think of twitching our diet and we start missing meals, dropping food items from our diet. We then hunt down carbohydrate and fat foods because their perception in our mind is that of unhealthy food. Hence, on day 2 we introduce dieting.

Dieting happens while we work out providing no clemency to ourselves. This completes our day 3 of staying fit. Dropping such big energy powerhouses from our diet causes us to suddenly become weak and then in search of regaining our energy we munch heavily again.

Day 4 we munch more and quit exercising for 1 day. Day 5 we are done with everything related to fitness and we want to get back to our old routine (our very own comfort zone).

Carbohydrates and Fats have a very important role in our diet. Rather than completely stopping the intake of these nutrients, we should just limit them. They offer high energy which complements our energy requirements during workouts. Proteins then help in the recovery& building of the muscles. Changing diet should always be done post a dietician’s approval.

In the entire regime we never stop to think the role of cooking oil in our health conditions. It is always the last thing on our mind but plays a very critical role in shaping our health.

A bad cooking oil increases the bad cholesterol, saturated and trans fat in our body whereas a good cooking oil consists of unsaturated fats which are liquid at room temperature. These good cooking oils increase good cholesterol, prevent inflammation and are rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.

Cooking oils are the easiest things we can change about our lifestyle which make us healthy and often the choice which doesn’t come up in our mind. Fitness is a mix of choices of a healthy cooking oil, dietician provided diet and fitness exercises.

Each of these choices have an equal role in shaping our healthy future where one can be used to an extent but for Ultimate Fitness complete utilization of all 3 choices is necessary.

So this New year if you want your resolution of keeping a healthy lifestyle to be fail-proof ensure that you start off well by first reviewing the Oil that you intake.