The Pomace Promise of Health

Olive oil is mostly available in the market in three variants: Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) , Pure Olive Oil and Olive Pomace Oil. Of the three, by a large margin, EVOO is the highest grade olive oil with perfect aroma and flavour. However, it may not the right choice for typical Indian cooking, though, of course, it depends on the kind of food you are looking at. It is suitable only if you are making dressings, flavourings or condiments for salads, pastas, rice, vegetables, meat and fish.

But out of all the options around – the perfect companion for desi food is Olive Pomace Oil. It is a light oil with a neutral taste and flavour. It is also the least expensive! Indian food encompasses a wide variety of regional and traditional cuisines and they all vary significantly from each other. Oleev’s Pomace Oil, for example, can be used for ALL Indian cooking – whether fried, roasted or sautéed – and the taste is quite incredible.

Here’s why you should switch to Oleev’s Pomace Oil, today!

1. Food is Tastier – Even Fried Food!

If you use this oil for frying foods between 130C and 190C, it forms a crisp golden crust. This makes fried food much more appetizing, without affecting its nutritional value.

2. Low Absorption in Food

Even when used for frying, the oil hardly penetrates the food, leaving it light and digestible. And yes, even under 190C, this oil does not break down.

3. Quantity Needed is Lesser than Other Oils

The quantity required for cooking is One-Third the quantity of other oils – yes, indeed! This means the effective cost is hardly one-sixth of its actual price. Hence, even if olive oil seems expensive at first glance, if you calculate its efficiency, it is actually cheaper than other oils!

4. Its Low-Cholesterol Content

Pomace olive oil contains monounsaturated fat. This can help lessen cholesterol intake by around 80 percent. With that in mind, it’s safe to assume that pomace olive oil can help prevent blood clots caused by high cholesterol levels and other cardiovascular diseases. Consumption of pomace olive oil can also regulate blood flow.

Additionally, Pomace olive oil also helps prevent breast cancer. Its monounsaturated fat doesn’t get deposited in a person’s arterial walls.

5. It has added Vitamin K &E

That’s right. We also bring to you the additional benefit of Vitamin E for better immunity and tissue repair long with Vitamin K for better bone density and health. In these uncertain times, even a healthier oil makes a difference in an effort to boost your immunity.

The world has switched to olive oil and is reaping health benefits associated with it. Now that you know olive oil is perfect for Indian cuisine as well and is not ridiculously expensive, why not go ahead and make this healthy switch in your kitchen? It may just be the blessing of good health you’ve always wanted!