Olive Pomace Oil: 7 potent strategies to better manage serious health conditions 

There’s a high likelihood of olive pomace oil being a potent source of multivitamins (A,D,E, K to name a few).

While considering healthy options for edible cooking oil, olive pomace oil emerges strong. Prepared using solvent extraction, olive pomace oil is filled with antioxidants, vitamins, and good fats – which potentially boost immunity and shield against illnesses.

Obtained from olive pulp after the first press, olive pomace oil is refined using advanced procedures while retaining its core nutritional value. Thus, olive pomace oil is a pure extract from olives, which makes it healthy for people irrespective of where they are in their health journey.

Health Benefits of Olive Pomace Oil

Throwing light on its health benefits, olive pomace oil is filled with rich antioxidants that are vital for keeping gut health intact which positively impacts one’s overall health. For the longest period, olive pomace oil has been a key alternative to other edible cooking oils. With improved health benefits and the potential link to manage serious health conditions, olive pomace oil is a strong contender. People with different health issues, right from cardiovascular to diabetic, are likely to find respite in olive pomace oil.

Let us check the health benefits of olive pomace oil and its potential link to manage health conditions:

  • A reasonable source of vitamins: There’s a high likelihood of olive pomace oil being a potent source of multivitamins (A,D,E, K to name a few) – which accordingly aid in a variety of ways such as – protection of eyes and skin against sun damage and premature aging, accelerated healing of wounds, and strengthened bone density.

  • Linked to lowering the blood cholesterol levels: Olive pomace oil contains good fats MUFA and PUFA which have been linked to reduction in unhealthy cholesterol and a lowered risk of heart disease. In addition, oleic acid present in olive pomace oil is likely to initiate the dilution of bad cholesterol and ensure smooth blood flow in human bodies. For these reasons, olive pomace oil could be a preferred option for those with a history of heart problems

  • High smoke point, suitable for deep frying: Olive pomace oil has a high smoke point and a high oxidation stability, which ensures that all the nutritional benefits stay intact, making it easier to indulge guilt-free with a healthy, tasty, and light alternative.

  • Not-genetically modified: Olive pomace oil is always a non-GMO or not-genetically modified alternative. This ensures all the extracts are always organic and natural, without the presence of harmful chemicals. The oil has received non-GMO assurance and received low-risk ingredient assurance around the world.

  • Potential link to prevent growth of carcinogenic cells: The antioxidants present in olive pomace oil could prove to be beneficial in curbing the growth of carcinogenic cells in the body.

  • Some hope for autoimmune patients: Olive pomace oil offers hope for people affected by autoimmune diseases such as type-1 diabetes. The anti-inflammatory properties present in olive pomace oil, combined with the enrichment of multivitamins potentially makes it a healthier alternative for people suffering from autoimmune diseases.

  • Aids in weight management: With small lifestyle changes across all facets of one’s lifestyle, inclusion of olive pomace oil in everyday cooking could be a great way to make the weight-loss process more effective. Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) potentially found in olive pomace oil have the ability to produce appetite-regulating hormones like peptide YY, which promote feelings of fullness and may encourage weight loss by increasing calorie-intake and fat-burning in the body. Hence, incorporating olive pomace oil in limited quantities could offer valuable benefits on a calorie-deficit diet.

Final Thoughts

Olive pomace oil has earned an impressive reputation as an economical and healthier alternative to many edible cooking oils available in the market. Being rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and good fats, its health benefits are aplenty. Available at affordable prices, olive pomace oil offers holistic value to your gut, skin, and heart.