Why Is Olive Pomace Oil The Best Suited For Indian Cooking?

My whole life I have been an explorer. After traveling my own land – the big diverse India, I have seen chefs/ housewives/ restaurants from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. One thing that has really impressed me is “the new awareness trends in cooking oils.” Specifically, if I talk of the Indian cooking style with every state there’s a change in flavours, culinary practices and grocery availability. 

Hence while charting out diet plans – recommending oils plays a really important role as I need to be careful with people’s health and their taste. My 17+ years of experience and research has helped me to come to the conclusion that Olive Pomace Oil holds all the basic properties which make it easier to be recommended for healthy diets.

Including essential fats in the diet – is crucial for the vitals, as they are an energy source, they help to absorb vitamins well, and help regulate hormones in the body.

To understand how Olive Pomace Oil fits best with Indian cooking, I will shed light some light-

High Smoke Point

Usually we see our mother’s frying foods such as pakoras, puri, paranthas, vadas, and bhaturas etc. Indian cooking consists of significant oil usage and hence it becomes a need to have an oil which doesn’t break into harmful chemicals under high temperature. I found Olive Pomace Oil to be most suitable at high temperatures and with a smoke point of around 238˚C, this oil provides the best health benefits without any burnt taste.

Heart Healthy

Being an Oleic acid (Monounsaturated fats) rich product it helps to maintain the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) and promotes the balance of good cholesterol leading to happy heart health.

Antioxidant Rich

Polyphenols and Vitamin E, are the antioxidants present in olive pomace oil and they help to fight the oxidative stress leading to an inflammation free body.

To sum it up, in my long fruitful career as a Clinical dietitian, I have used a variety of cooking oils to understand them better and so far, Olive Pomace Oil is the most viable option for Indian cooking – which I have often consumed and recommended.