Olive Oil in India

Olive Oil is one of the most used oils in the Mediterranean. Due to its taste and nutritional aspects, olive oil has now become an essential ingredient. Because it is rich in vitamins and essential fats and because it is suited to all palates and dishes thanks to the immense number of varieties that are available olive oils are gaining popularity.


Olive oil is the healthiest choice of cooking oils. Olive oils are rich in Vitamins A,D,E&K. It contains antioxidants & stimulates bone growth as well as calcium absorption. It’s easy to digest therefore allowing it to absorb completely into the system. Olive oil contains oleic acid and linoleic acid. These compounds help to reduce the bad cholesterol level in the body and thus help to prevent any heart-related ailment.


Olive oil is suitable for cooking, and since it doesn’t have a distinct flavour of its own can be used in all types of cooking purposes like deep frying, garnishing, sautéing etc. Olive oil can also be used for Body massage and hair massage due to its high nutritional content. Also, a rancid Olive oil can be used for furniture polishing and lubrication of tools.


Olive Oil production is estimated to reach 2.854 Million Tons worldwide in the current crop year (September 2017 to August 2018), which is a 12% rise over the previous year’s 2.538 Million Tons.  Spain is the worldwide leader of Olive Oil production. This year, Spain Is expected to produce approx. 1.150 Million Tons of olive oil.

In India, olive oil’s imports are expected to rise 20% to 13,500 tonnes this fiscal year due to growing demand. The country had imported 11,106 tonnes of olive oils, 65 per cent of which is sourced from Spain, in 2015-16 fiscal. This indicates the rise of awareness of Olive Oil health benefits in India.

In India the rate of Cardiovascular diseases and diabetes are among the world’s highest due to the use of unhealthy cooking oils. India could severely benefit with the intake of Olive oil as their cooking oil.