5 benefits of Olive Oil for Healthy cooking

When it comes to cooking with the correct oil, Olive Oil has reserved a special place in India’s kitchens. It’s treasured and used for everyday cooking. Why is olive oil so special? Why does it stand out from other cooking oils?

The most obvious answer is that olive oil is probably the healthiest oil available in the market. Here are 5 of the health benefits of olive oil.

1.    Rich in Monounsaturated Fats

Fats or MUFA is considered good fats. Studies have found that MUFA lowers cholesterol levels. This has immense benefits like reducing artery clogging, and lowering the risk of heart diseases and stroke.

Almost 73% of the fatty acids in olive oil are Mono-Saturated fats.

2.    Contains plenty of Anti-oxidants

Anti-oxidants are important for any human’s diet. They are required to fight against free radicals. These are molecules produced when your body breaks down food. Free radicals damage the cells in your body. However, anti-oxidants counter the effects of free radicals. The positive effects of anti-oxidants are seen by giving a person glowing skin and an immunity boost.

Olive oil is a healthy source of anti-oxidants.

3.  Does not cause Weight Gain

Contrary to popular belief, Olive oil does not cause weight gain. A tablespoon of olive oil only contains 119 calories. A concluded that olive oil consumption does not increase weight or led to obesity.

In fact, the right diet and the correct usage of olive oil can aid a person in losing weight.

4.  Protects against Heart Diseases

Heart diseases contribute to one of the leading causes of death in Indians. As much as a 1.7 million deaths in India are related to heart diseases according to the Global Burden of Disease Report.

Olive oil has shown to greatly improve a person’s health and keep heart diseases at bay. There are several studies that showcase that olive oil reduces the risk of heart diseases significantly. A paper published in the New England Journal of Medicine studied a Mediterranean diet supplemented with extra-virgin olive oil and found that it provided protection against heart disease.

5.  Reduces the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Another disease that is common among Indians is diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is caused when the body’s glucose or sugar rises higher than normal levels in the blood due to poor processing of insulin (a hormone used to break down sugar).

These are just some of the many benefits of olive oil. Each Indian kitchen should have olive oil. It’s an excellent addition to use in salads, sauces, and certain snacks and appetizers.

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